Private Ceremony
& Seminars

« Small is the house, but how joyful when filled with friends. »


Your tailor-made event

For gatherings, birthdays, or just for lunch or dinner in private company,  

The Château de Troussay gives you the chance to organize a small private event in its interiors (Dining Room, Small Salon and Oval Salon) or in its park. 

These are unique events elaborated with care by the owner and our traiteur. 

You are a company? Organise your events in the charming reception room located in the old wine press.

For all questions concerning the organisation of an event



⋅Rental of the room only from 11am to 6pm: 900€.

⋅Rental of the room and accommodation for 15 people (sheets, cleaning and lighting of the castle included)

From Friday 2pm to Sunday 4pm: 3900€.

Capacity: 120 people seated OR 300 people standing

On request at:

Sneak peak...

Lunch at the castle



Guided tour + simple picnic in the castle’s 17th-century outbuildings for parties of 20 or more at 24 € per person.






Guided tour + gourmet picnic in the castle’s dining room for 10 to 30 people at 48 € per person.